Seahorse Box - 120

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Harness the strength and toughness of this case for your valuable equipment! Our SE Series cases are designed to provide top of the line protection at affordable prices. They survive! Available in a variety of colours and sizes, seahorse has a case just right for you. Seahorse cases satisfy US Military Specs and IP Standards 67. All Seahorse cases come with an UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME GUARANTEE.

• Watertight, Airtight, Rustproof, Dustproof and Crush Resistant.
• Automatic pressure purge system.
• O-Ring seal.
• Moulded-in padlock holes (fits standard size Masterlocks®).
• Available with or without multilayer protective cubed matrix Accuform Foam.
• Latches are available with keyed chrome metal locks or plastic non corrosive locks.
• Chemical and UV resistant.
• Non-Magnetic without optional metal locks.
  Length Width Depth
  Inside Dimension 7.57" 5.00" 3.23"
19.22 cm 12.70 cm 8.20 cm
  Outside Dimension 8.80" 7.45" 3.90"
22.35 cm 18.92 cm 9.90 cm