Poseidon Atmosphere M Complete

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Poseidon Atmosphere M Complete

It is approved for cold water, and in combination with the mask features a unique highly effective de-fogging system which keeps the field of vision clear even at water temperatures close or equal to freezing point. The mask has an anti-distortion visor, with frosted sides to prevent reflections. The mask is an over pressure mask which reduces the risk of contaminated water entering the mask during a dive. The mask can of course be used in all altitudes without free-flowing.

Any standard communication system will fit the Poseidon mask. The mask has external buoyancy compensating weights which can also be used for mounting torches, video-cameras etc. Developed initially for fighter plane pilots the mask was designed to be worn for up to six hours when the plane flies through chemical or biological war zones.

For optimum performance, the Atmopshere should be connected to an Xstream 1st stage. 

  • Highly effective de-fogging system  
  • Anti-distortion visor 
  • Prepared for communication system

Full face mask
Second stage with 70 cm hose
Warranty card
User guide
Poseidon neck strap
Name badge holders

Cold water divers
Public safety divers
Sport divers
Technical divers