Ocean 7 Hard Soled Dive Boots / Wetboots

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Ocean 7 Hard Soled Dive Boots / Wetboots
The all new Ocean 7 hard soled boots are the latest innovation in diving footwear. The specially designed sole with integral fin retainer has unrivalled grip and support, which combined with the 6.5mm titanium plush lined neoprene provide unique comfort and protection from the elements. Heavy duty ankle zips are fitted ensuring a secure and solid fit whilst making the boot easy to put on and remove. Available in a wide range of sizes offering a perfect fit

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Boot/Shoe Sizes UK Shoe: 12 European Shoe: 47, UK Shoe: 10 European Shoe: 44/45, UK Shoe: 9 European Shoe: 43, UK Shoe: 11 European Shoe: 45/46, UK Shoe: 4 European Shoe: 36/37, UK Shoe: 13 European Shoe: 48/49, UK Shoe: 3 European Shoe: 35/36, UK Shoe: 5 European Shoe: 38, UK Shoe: 6 European Shoe: 39/40, UK Shoe: 7 European Shoe: 40/41, UK Shoe: 8 European Shoe: 42