Metalsub XRE 1200 Torch

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Metalsub XRE1200-R Rechargeable Torch with MP1200 Wireless Contact Charger is as carefully and as sturdily built as the Metalsub cable lamps and is possibly even easier to use.

You can use fine this torch during your dive in all conditions. With 1200 lumens, 120 minutes burning time and functions like dimming, warning signals and another 5 hours fading light, this is a real torch. But because of its weight and size it is ideal to take along on a trip, only 500 grams!

In short, this is a versatile lamp for many years of diving enjoyment.


  • Material: Aluminium, hard anodized  
    Weight above water: Approx. 500 gram.
  • Weight under water: Approx. 100 gram.
  • Size: 45 x 250 mm (D x L)
  • Standard Lamp Power: 1200 Lumens
  • Colour Temperature: 5700 Kelvin
  • Burn time: At 100%: 120 minutes
  • Brightness Settings: On/Off, 100%, 60%, 30%, 10%.
  • Strobe Signal: Yes (four flashes every second).
  • S.O.S. Signal: Yes (Morse code flashes).
  • Charger: MP1200 Charger - External wireless charging by contact rings.
  • Charge time: +/- 5 hours from empty with MP1200 charger.
  • Maximum Operation Depth: 250 metres
  • Hyperbaric pressure test: 25 bar.