Metalsub XL7.2 Torch Inc LED Unit

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The Metalsub XL7.2 dive torch is our favourite in the shop - when Charles Hood received this he thought he had been sent the military spec one - but not just one of the toughest we have ever seen too ! You can also easily convert to Halogen with the Metalsub Halogen module. The Metalsub XL7.2 has an aluminium housing- anodised and Teflon coated EPDM rubber cover Standard lightpower 20 Watt Xenophot bulb Optional lightpower 10 Watt / 15 watt LED module S.O.S.-signal Battery capacity indicator 7-2 Volt- 4-5 Ah NiMH battery pack capacity at 100% (temp. 20C): 70 minutes (20 Watt) 140 minutes (10 Watt) 90 minutes (15 Watt LED module) External charging Supplied with charger MP1100