Fourth Element Arctic Expedition Two Piece (WOMEN)

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Fourth Element Arctic Expedition Top and Leggings


The chest, upper-arms, knees and seat utilise Fourth Element’s Thermocline material, which is predominantly a wetsuit undersuit material, which works best when it is wet to keep you warm but it also has a water resistant outer shell.  The reasoning for this is that; if it is raining before or whilst you’re getting into your drysuit, your shoulders and chest will get wet which the Thermocline material is designed for.  Cuff Dumps, Shoulder Dumps, Chest Valves, Neck and Wrist seals are the most common places for leaks in a drysuit so if you do start to get wet it will be used by the Thermocline material to keep you warm.  The seat and knees are also common places where you get wet in and around dive sites; sat down on a wet bench or kneeling down to break your unit down will create wet patches so with the Thermocline material you will be much more comfortable before, during and after dives in this undersuit.


Biomapping from the Halo 3D undersuit increases the thickness of insulation around key areas and muscle groups to keep you comfortable during long dives.  Biomapped insulation with additional layers of high density fleece on the thighs, combined with water resistant knee and seat panels keep you warm and have been designed to be efficient in a horizontal position whilst diving.


The outer layer of the Arctic material on the rest of the suit has a ceramic pattern to keep the integrity of the outer shell which would tend to bobble if used frequently or washed often.  This printing doesn’t affect the flexibility or weight of the fabric but does reduce friction between it and your drysuit and it improves its long-term cosmetic appeal.

Retracting Thumb Loop

The thumb loop on the original Arctic is an elasticated webbing to keep the sleeve in the correct position when donning your drysuit but it could break the dry seal of your cuff, getting you wet, if it wasn’t tucked away properly.  The Arctic Expedition has an elasticated, self-retracting thumb loop that will tuck itself away into the cuff of the undersuit so it won’t interfere with your cuff seal.

Other Features

The one-piece undersuit features a low profile popper rolled fleece neck that covers the front zip that has two zippers for convenience when going to the bathroom.   Zippered pockets on all variations of the Arctic Expedition; one on the Top, two hand warmers on the Leggings and on the One-Piece.  The One-Piece has an elasticated waist at the back to keep an even coverage and shape, the Two-Piece versions are purposely made long to give a long overlap and a drawcord waist to keep the Leggings in position. The One-Piece also features pre-drilled holes for p-valves.