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AP36 - AP Pocket Reel

Weighing only 205g and measuring 7.5cm in diameter by 5cm deep - the AP Pocket Reel is the perfect solution to the problem of bulky or cumbersome SMB/Navigation reels

  • 40m floating line
  • The Pocket Reel can be easily stowed in your BCD pocket or clipped unobtrusively to an external D ring
  • The reel body is fully enclosed which helps prevent the line jamming. If you wind the cord all the way in, the end is easily recovered by means of the attached O ring.
  • The dome-sided design sits comfortably in the palm of the hand with a simple thumb-operated line-release mechanism which lets out line when pressed and is spring loaded to lock automatically when you lift your thumb. If you prefer, the spring is easily removed, so that the mechanism becomes a click-on/click-off lock
  • The reel is wound with 40m of unique high-visibility floating line - made to our own specifications for the best combination of strength and flotation. It has a breaking strain of 50kg and the advantage (over most other lines on the market) of being positively buoyant which means that it will rise above the sea-bed or wreckage when played out and so help avoid entanglement and making the return journey easy and quick
  • The AP Pocket Reel is built from durable polypropylene with a chromed brass spindle which provides both structural strength and ultra-smooth winding operation
  • The large loop at the end of the line makes tying off at the shot-line or connection to an SMB a simple operation
  • The wrist loop can be tightened onto the wrist when used as a navigation line, leaving your hands free for other tasks, but is easily moved to the palm for safer deployment of an SMB*

*Note:  You should not have a reel attached to any part of your kit or use the wrist-strap when sending an SMB to the surface. As per the instructions: simply having the retaining strap in the palm of your hand allows you to let it go easily should you decide this is necessary