Aqualung Pro BCD

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The Pro is an entry-level, non weight-integrated jacket style BC ….
•It will appeal to the Leisure Diver
•In terms of features to price, it offers excellent value

•The Pro comes in 1 colour way:
•Black / Charcoal / Blue
•6 sizes are available

Advanced Dive Vest (ADV) Design
•Wrap around, jacket style design with large lobes
•Provides excellent vertical lift on the surface
•Very stable
•Easy to don / doff

•A large utility pocket is found on each lobe
•Zippers are #10 coil for ease of use
•Gauge holder
•Scooped gauge holder keeps your gauges secure and easy to access
•You can stow the hose or pass the gauges through
•Adjustable 2-piece cummerbund

•Scooped Octo Pockets

•Dedicated octopus pockets are found on the top of each lobe
•Mount your octopus on the left or the right
•It is secure and very easy to load and to deploy
•Integrated Carry Handle
•Molded into back pack
•Allowance in back pad for easy access
•Positioning strap
•Holds your BC while you attach tank band

•D-rings – 3 total
•1 ea. 1.5” SS angled on shoulder
•2 ea. 1.5” Plastic on top of lobe
•Chest strap
•The chest strap can be adjusted for personal comfort
•Right shoulder pull dump
•The dump valve on the upper right can be activated manually
•Large pull bobs on dump valves

•Air cell is made from fade-resistant, abrasion resistant ResisteK fabric
•Non-air cell fabric is fade-resistant Armor X, and 1050 Ballistic
•Backpad foam is long lasting EVA foam.