Apeks XTX200 Stage 3 Regulator Set

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Apeks XTX200 Regulator and Octopus with DIN or Yoke -Valve is a top-of-the-range Stage 4 set from Apeks . It's predecessor topped independent regulator reviews and was considered one of the best regulators on the market. Now the latest version of the XTX200 has been brought up to date with adding even more to the features of the previous model.   

The XTX200 First stage is a balanced design and it is fitted with two high pressure, and four low pressure ports, which are placed in angles that support optimized hose routing. The redesigned first stage now offers improved gas flow, which enables it to accept a 5th low pressure port (not included in a standard).

Environmentally sealed, high performance diaphragm first stage improves performance and safety in cold water.

The pneumatically balanced second stage offers great performance. With venturi air flow control, diaphragm deflector, customisable inhalation resistance and anti-bacterial mouthpiece, the second stage is full of well-thought out features.

Additionally, the second stage is reversible from right to left handed operation by a trained technician.

The Stage 3 Set is completed by Apeks XTX50, XTX40, XTX20 or Egress Octopus