Apeks ATX40 Regulator

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The Apeks ATX40 regulator with the Dry Sealed Turret (DST) 1st stage is no longer available, but Apeks are pleased to offer the ATX40 second stage with the tried and tested DS4 1st stage, now available as a complete stage 4 set.

Total Regulator Weight: Yoke 1130g / DIN 990g

The ATX40/DS4 combination features a smaller, lighter, lower profile 2nd stage than the TX40 2nd stage.

Apeks believe that your regulator should be as flexible as you are. So the ATX40 retains their well proven diver adjustable venturi together with a 'technician-adjustable' balanced second stage and balanced first stage. The combination of this second stage and the DRY SEALED first stage offers an excellent regulator for diving anywhere in the world at a very competitive price. The design of the second stage offers a smooth breathe which enhances your dive enjoyment.

First stage
No swivel turret
4 medium pressure ports, 4 x 3/8" UNF
1 high pressure ports, 1 x 7/16" UNF
Environmentally dry sealed system
Polished chrome finish
Balanced for superior performance

Second Stage
Pneumatically balanced system - reduces breathing effort
Heat exchanger for cold water diving
Integrated Venturi Control
Micro adjuster
Extremely efficient exhaust valve
Compact integrated exhaust
25% lighter than TX models
Comfo Bite mouthpiece - for comfort and to reduce jaw fatigue