Osprey OSX Aqua Boot

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Osprey Aqua Boots will help watermen and women protect their feet from the pitfalls of never being able to see where you're treading underwater as you prepare to paddle out at your favourite break, or wade into the water with your kayak. Not only do they provide great grip and purchase, but they’ll help prevent abrasions and cuts that can be a common occurrence when surfing at rocky reefs, where jagged, hitherto unseen rocks can be a hazard to you as well as your board. 
The boots are made with a hardwearing Thermo Plastic Rubber (TPR) sole, providing excellent grip on pebbly, stony and even sandy terrain; they also do a good job at gripping a freshly waxed surfboard deck. This is due to their brilliant design, which is loosely based around the suckers on an Octopus's tentacles. 
The slip on aqua boots use adjustable ankle straps to secure them to the foot and are available in a variety of sizes for both men and women. All in all, these are an essential piece of gear when visiting the beach or hitting the surf. Also go well with a wetsuit.
Osprey OSX Adult Aqua Wetsuit Boot technical information:
  • Adjustable ankle strap
  • Hardwearing TPR sole