Osprey Adult Reef Wetsuit Shoe

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Those seeking a solution to butchered feet or chilblained toes when taking to the water need look no further than the Osprey Adult Reef Wetsuit Shoe. Perfect if your local wave breaks over a rocky reef.
The wetsuit shoes are out of durable neoprene, which moulds around the foot for a comfortable fit and retains flexibility in the water. Additional warmth is provided by titanium inner lining, which acts as a heat storage aid by reflecting heat back into the neoprene shoe.
An adjustable foot strap ensures that the surf shoes effectively support the body and greatly increases stability in the water. In addition, an ankle cord helps minimise the amount of water entering the 3mm wetsuit shoe so that feet aren't weighed down and remain comfortable.
In order to maintain grip on slippery surfaces and guard feet from sharp stones and craggy rocks, the surfing shoes have been made with durable, non-slip soles that offer the very finest protection.
Not only are the Osprey Adult Reef Wetsuit Shoes great to wear whilst surfing in warmer water, but they also make fantastic sailing, diving or kayaking shoes.
Osprey Adult Reef Wetsuit Shoe technical information:
  • Made from lightweight 3mm neoprene
  • Titanium lined for increased warmth
  • Reinforced toe and heel
  • Adjustable foot strap and ankle cord
  • Perfect for all water sports