Osprey Adult Reef Wetsuit Boot

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Those who dread cold winter months in the water, and the inevitable thawing out of feet on an open fire, can seek solace in the Osprey Adult Reef Wetsuit Boot. Not only do the water sports boot offer awesome protection all year round but they also provide the warmth needed for peace of mind and maximum performance when out in a cold December swell.
Because the 5mm wetsuit boots are made from durable neoprene they mould to the foot for a fantastic fit and maximum comfort. Neoprene also ensures that the surf boots are extremely flexible in the water and retain as much warmth as possible. Warmth is further enhanced by awesome titanium lining, which acts as a heat storage aid by reflecting heat back into the wetsuit boots.
Riding higher up the leg than standard wetsuit shoes, the neoprene boots allow far more warmth to be sealed in whilst surfing or exploring rocky shorelines. In addition, an ankle cord helps to prevent excess water infiltrating the neoprene wetsuit boots so that feet stay drier and aren't weighed down by water.
For the best possible grip on slippery surfaces and to ensure that feet are safeguarded from sharp rocks, the surfing boots are fitted with hardwearing, non-slip soles that offer the very finest protection.
The Osprey Adult Reef Wetsuit Boots aren't just great for surfing, tucked into the leg of a wetsuit; they also make fantastic sailing, diving and kayaking boots.
Osprey Adult Reef Wetsuit Boot technical information: 
  • Made from 5mm neoprene
  • Titanium lined for increased warmth
  • Reinforced toe and heel
  • Adjustable ankle strap