Fourth Element Hydroskin Top (men's)

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Hydroskin - Ultra Smooth Rash Guards

Constructed from high grade lycra based fabric, the Hydroskin Rash Guards and suit are designed to wear under a wetsuit or semi-dry suit or as a UV shield for other watersport activities. The ultra smooth fabric reduces friction between the skin and a wetsuit, and helps to stop chafing of tight/ill-fitting suits.

Mens and Womens Hydroskins

There’s nothing like a severe case of sunburn to spoiling an otherwise idyllic holiday. Not only is it painful,but the rubbing of a BCD strap or wetsuit can be agony, and can also have serious long term health implications. With Ultra-Violet Protection rating of 50+ when dry and 30 when wet, the hydroskin is the perfect protection from the sun when snorkelling, swimming or diving. It is fast drying and available in a range of colours. The ultra smooth fabric also makes it ideal underneath wetsuits to help minimise rubbing – especially from rental suits which may not fit so well.