88gm Co2 to Paintball Gun Adaptor

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With this adapter you can use our 88gm disposable cartridges to power your paintball gun.

Replicates a standard Co2/HPA PIN valve.

Also Direct Replacement Part for the 88g holder unit found on Crosman & Umarex 88g Co2 Guns.

Adapter only - 88gm cartridges must be purchased separately. Make sure that the adaptor is tightly screwed into your gun!

Warning - If an 88gm Cartridge is attached do not unscrew before checking that the cartridge is empty as all of the remaing Co2 will discharge from the capsule!!

Please note that the Co2 cartridge can freeze during operation, so please wear protective gloves to avoid cold burns.

The adapter is 37mm long and leaves 19mm showing once the adpater has been screwed fully into place. Dia 23mm (at widest point).